Emma Maas

5th grade Homeroom Co-Teacher

Emma Maas is returning to Our Lady of Mount Carmel School but with an altered teaching role. Emma has been the 5th Grade Homeroom teacher for the last two years. Emma feels that she has really found her spiritual home at OLMC and teaching home in 5th Grade.

She is expecting a baby girl in early September. Labor on labor day! Emma will be starting the school year with 5th Grade in August and will then begin her maternity leave in early September. Megan Andreano will be teaching 5th Grade full time in the fall. Emma will return in January after the Christmas holiday. When she returns, Emma and Megan will co-teach and share teaching and homeroom responsibilities in the 5th Grade classroom. Emma will teach three days and Megan will teach the other two days every week.

Emma is very excited about the opportunity to continue the work she loves as well as have time to stay at home with her little one. Prior to her move to OLMC, she worked at an international school in the Netherlands for four years. There Emma had many colleagues with co-teaching arrangements and witnessed first-hand how well they can work and benefit both the students and teachers. Emma and Megan have already begun planning and organizing to make this new 5th Grade co-teaching run smoothly. Ms. Maas is looking forward to this new personal and professional experience!