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OLMC Reopening Plan

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Looking forward to 2020-2021!

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An OLMC Reopening Task Force will lead this effort during the summer 2020.

We have many new initiatives to be very positive about and
hopeful for an excellent new school year 2020-2021!

WELCOME! We will say good-bye to a few beloved educators and welcome some wonderful new educators to our Mount Carmel community.

A few OLMC Faculty will move into new roles for next year.

OLMC 2020-2021 School Family Calendar

UPDATED! For 2020-2021: Wednesday = Minimum Day!

Please note that the school year is spread a little longer than usual because OLMC Faculty will join the Archdiocese of San Francisco's St. Clare Initiative (see below). Because of COVID-19 disruptions, we flipped our calendar: Festival will be in the Fall 2020 and Auction will be in the Spring 2021

FACTS calendar of all OLMC school events!

FACTS Premier Integration: In 2019-2020, we successfully completed our data transfer to FACTS-SIS (student information system), linked FACTS-SIS to FACTS-Financial Management for fully integrated tuition payments and incidental billing, and all academic details can be accessed in the password-protected portion of the FACTS Family Portal. I am confident that parents have been pleased! Please expect to find in 2020-2021 improved usage of FACTS Premier Integration with a new FACTS Site for our website.

St. Clare Initiative for Leading and Learning | Literacy 360 Cohort
Comprehensive Professional Development Program to Produce and Maintain Advanced Literacy Development in High Priority School Communities

OLMC Faculty will join the new Archdiocese of San Francisco St. Clare Initiative for Leading & Learning. As a cohort member of the 3-year SCILL-Literacy 360 professional development initiative, our faculty will devote significant time (~50 hours/year for 3 years) of deep learning to focus on developing strong literacy skills amongst all OLMC students. The Literacy 360 Cohort is designed to promote high-intensity instruction in literacy, including reading, comprehension, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary, and writing, to ensure advanced literacy skills for all students attending cohort Catholic schools In the San Francisco Archdiocese. The Literacy 360 program innovates the approach to the daily schedule and ELA instruction in order to respond to the heightened need for Intensive and focused literacy development.

Expected Outcomes: Annual growth and performance goals will be set for each participating school. Goals will respond to the current landscape with the expressed purpose of driving significant student progress on an aggressive timeline. Ultimately, it is the expectation of the St. Clare Initiative for Leading and Learning that all schools in this cohort will exceed the 65th percentile nationally in reading, with less than 10% of the total student population achieving in the bottom tertile, by the end of the 3-year cohort progression.

OLMC Early Childhood Education

Did you know that OLMC is the only school in the Archdiocese of San Francisco that has all three Early Childhood Education options for our littlest students?

New for 2020-2021! Extended Day for PreSchool & TK students:

Starting in August 2020, OLMC will offer Extended Day for our littlest Padres. PreSchool and TK students will have the option to stay at OLMC until 5:30pm after their school day ends, Monday-Friday. This program will be designed specifically for our PreSchool and TK students; they will spend their afternoons in the TK room and OLMC playground. Because Extended Day is a licensed program, OLMC must follow all the regulations of the California Department of Social Services: the group will be limited to 15 students, a licensed Teacher and Aide will care for the children, and all other health and safety regulations will be carefully followed. Extended Day will be a unique program, separate from A Kid’s Place, which serves our Kinder-8th grade students. Extended Day pricing & schedule.

School uniform guidelines:

Dennis Sale - thru June 23rd!

2020-2021 Uniform Policy - Handbook 2020 2021

Please note: Basic OLMC dress code policy as presented in Parent-Student Handbook 2019-2020 remains unchanged except for FOURTH grade boys will NOT wear the oxfordcloth shirt. Effective Fall 2020, only 5th-8th grades will wear the oxford cloth shirt and navy tie on Mass and other special days.

OLMC - Dennis Uniform shopping list, school code: M37MTC

OLMC Uniform Bank: The school uniform bank will be organized and set out in the Large Hall. Parents may come to school, go to the Large Hal,l and pick-up used school uniforms. If you have uniforms to donate, please note that these must be washed and in good condition. We only accept uniform clothing from Dennis Uniform. Please note that children are not allowed in the school building and parents must wear face coverings and maintain a 6 ft. physical spacing at all times

2020 summer assignments!

Back-to-School Supply Lists:
Purchase school supplies from EPI.

OLMC Faculty & Staff look forward to reopen school on August 24, 2020.
Parent survey: Parent feedback survey: OLMC Looking Forward 2020-2021


We are making good progress on our goal to sell our on-hand Scrip inventory. Moving forward all Scrip will be purchased via the ShopWithScrip web site. Please see the attached list of Scrip inventory on-hand that we are trying to sell. You may purchase this with your FACTS account and pick it up from Mrs. McLinden in the front office. You may place an order to purchase this Scrip using this link: https://forms.gle/3T2yRzTbZ1P5sYrs7

All adults (parents, guardians, grandparents & friends of Mount Carmel) who want to volunteer on campus with our students, must complete VIRTUS and LiveScan.

completing VIRTUS: Protecting God’s Children training, participants must first register with VIRTUS Online. Please click on the VIRTUS icon above to access the VIRTUS Registration page.

LiveScan is required for:

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