OLMC Reopen Task Force

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Dr. Atul Gawande's expertise & guidance

San Mateo Office of Education: Pandemic Recovery Framework for Schools - updated 6-17-2020SMCOE - Pandemic recovery Framework

Archdiocese of San Francisco: ASFASF - website

Department of Catholic Schools: DCSDCS website

Dr. Farrington to Serve on ASF DCS Reopening Task Force

The Archdiocese of San Francisco has assembled a task force to guide the reopening of Department of Catholic Schools in August, on which Dr. Farrington has been asked to participate. While National, State, and Local guidelines are still to be determined, the ASF DCS Task Force is already putting their collective experience to work to lay a solid foundation on whichto build.

Shortly, OLMC will be forming its own OLMC Reopening Task Force comprised of faculty, staff, and parents to ensure a strong and safe educational experience for next school year.

American Academy of Pediatics

California Department of Social Services: DSS - Licensed Child Care

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California Department of Education: Coronavirus Response and School Reopening GuidanceCalifornia Department of Education

California Department of Public Health

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