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PPSL Open Letter on Behavior & Sportsmanship

As a general statement, violations include, among other things, confrontations by coaches, parents and, or spectator with student-athletes and officials, fighting among participants, and the presence of alcohol. Such violations will not be tolerated. Again, for the 2019-2020 year, the Executive Board has unanimously adopted a “no-tolerance” stance and will move swiftly and aggressively in response to any such violations. Read complete letter.

2020 Track

Students in grades 5 - 8 are eligible to participate in Track.
OLMC School students - Sign-Up Form can be found in the Web Forms section of your Parent Portal.
Non-OLMC School students - Contact Lopeti Taufoou for a link to your SIgn-Up Form.

2019-2020 Basketball

5th Grade Boys - South Champions!--------7th Grade Girls - PPSL Champions!

Philosophy and Program

The after school sports program exists to provide opportunities for youth to participate in activities that are safe, enjoyable and promote Christian attitudes of fair play and cooperation.

The program has concern for the whole person made up of body, mind, and spirit and its focus is to respond to the interests and needs of the individual. Physical fitness, a positive mental attitude and spiritual growth are all important in developing the whole person. The individual is the focus; the sport event is merely the tool.

All students in grades 4-8 (5-8 for track) who are registered at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Religious Education (English) or St. Matthias Religious Education are given the opportunity to participate. There are no cuts; all interested students will be placed on a team. However, evaluations are sometimes necessary to form teams when there are too many players for one team at a particular level. Player participation, involvement and being able to play are far more important than winning a particular sports event or having the best win/loss record. Seasons are as follows:

  • Fall - Baseball (boys) and Volleyball (girls)
  • Winter - Basketball (boys & girls) and Cheer (girls, grade 8)
  • Spring - Track (boys & girls)

The program relies completely on parent involvement for the success of this sports program. Coaches, parents and adult leaders must be role models and explain why behaviors are appropriate or inappropriate. Fair play, sportsmanship and competition are the essence of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Sports Program.

Application to Coach

Sports Program Statutes

2019-2020 Sports Board

Chris Rasmussen, Athletic Director
Alice Hilker, Volleyball Commissioner
Jonathan Jarolimek, Baseball Co-Commissioner
Walt Morton, Baseball Baseball Co-Commissioner

Ed Gory, Basketball Co-Commissioner
Shiraz Qadri, Basketball
Lopeti Taufoou, Track Commissioner
Bonnie Petit, Uniform & Equipment Manager

Marie Hersh - Member at Large
Scott Johnson, Member at Large

Theresa Torgerson, Member at Large

2019-2020 Minutes

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October 2019
November 2019
December 2019