Early Childhood Education

PreSchool-Transitional Kindergarten-Kindergarten:
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School has Early Childhood Education offerings for every child!

New for 2020-2021!
PreSchool & Transitional Kindergarten extended care available Monday-Friday until 5:30pm for an extra fee (see details below).

Please note: Wednesday will now be our Minimum Day/Staff Development Day

Did you know that OLMC is the only school in the Archdiocese of San Francisco that has
all three Early Childhood Education options for our littlest students?

NEW for 2020-2021! Extended Day for TK & PreSchool!

Starting in August 2020, OLMC will offer Extended Day for our littlest Padres. PreSchool and TK students will have the option to stay at OLMC until 5:30pm after their school day ends, Monday-Friday. This program will be designed specifically for our PreSchool and TK students; they will spend their afternoons in the TK room and OLMC playground. Because Extended Day is a licensed program, OLMC must follow all the regulations of the California Department of Social Services: the group will be limited to 15 students, a licensed Teacher and Aide will care for the children, and all other health and safety regulations will be carefully followed. Extended Day will be a unique program, separate from A Kid’s Place, which serves our Kinder-8th grade students.

Pricing & reservations for Extended Day:

OLMC PreSchool

OLMC PreSchool offers a half-day program that is child-centered, including play-based learning. Class size is limited to 15 students with two licenses teachers. Parents have three options:

Curriculum includes age-appropriate crafts, counting, letter recognition, story time, and indoor & outdoor play activities, as well as Spanish, art, and music. While our PreSchool program for children ages 3-5 years old shares space with our on-site extended care facility, A Kid's Place, the PreSchool program is always separate from the school extended care program.

2020-2021 schedule:

OLMC Transitional Kindergarten: The Gift Of Time

Transitional Kindergarten (TK) offers an option for children who are just not quite ready for Kindergarten, this may be because of physical, cognitive, social, or some combination of reasons. TK is the first phase of a two-year Kindergarten program for children who will benefit from this bridge year between PreSchool and Kindergarten. TK implements an age-appropriate curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The curriculum is designed to prepare youngsters for being in school and introduce them to reading, writing, listening, and playing cooperatively. In addition to a core curriculum of religion, language arts, social studies, math, and science, TK enrichment curriculum includes art, music, physical education, library, social emotional learning, and Spanish. TK students are also involved in school community activities such as Community Outreach service projects, OLMC school families, and other special school events. Class size is limited to15 students with a full-time credentialed teacher and an instructional aide.

2020-2021 schedule:

OLMC Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a full-day program completely integrated into Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. Kindergartners have dedicated play and lunch times, but participate with the rest of the OLMC student body in morning assembly and special school-wide activities, such as assemblies, all-school liturgy, book buddies with older students, Community Outreach service projects, and OLMC school families. Core academic curriculum includes religion, language arts, social studies, math, and science, as well enrichment curriculum art, music, physical education, library, social emotional learning, and Spanish are taught following state and archdiocesan standards for all subjects. Maximum class size is 36 with a full-time credentialed teacher and an instructional aide.

2020-2021 schedule: