Enrichment Curriculum

After School Activities

Our on-site, affordable Extended Care program, A Kid's Place, is available before and after school to all enrolled TK-8 students. In addition, students may choose to participate in after school clubs and activities for a small fee. These learning opportunities have included Chess Club, Coding Club, Homework Club, Lego Club and Maker's Club. Stay tuned for this year's offerings.

Junior high students may apply to be on the Academic Decathlon team. The competition is held in the spring each year for students in grades 6-8. There are 10 academic events ranging from a logic quiz with 20 rigorous thinking problems and a super quiz with 50 multiple choice questions on 5 broad academic themes.

Art and Music

Our Lady of Mount Carmel offers a robust fine arts including visual arts, music and performing arts. Visual arts lessons, based on the renowned Art In Action curriculum, are taught twice-monthly in all grades by a credentialed art teacher with parent help.

Check Out OLMC Student Artwork!

Children sing every morning at assembly and every class has a weekly music class. Curriculum includes voice training, learning to read music, and singing liturgical, popular and traditional songs. Beginning with our unique Three Piggy Opera in Kindergarten, all students take place in a theatrical music production each year, building confidence and public presentation skills. We also offer a Children's Choir for students in grades 3-8.


Our Lady of Mount Carmel School offers an Enrichment Program for students who consistently perform at a high level of academic excellence. The criteria for placement in this program is based upon academic performance as evidenced by high grades, standardized test scores, teacher recommendations and observation. Students work cooperatively and independently on special projects developed by the Enrichment Teacher. Instruction centers on critical thinking skills and problem solving, with an emphasis on divergent styles of learning.

P.E & Sports Programs

All OLMC students, grades TK - 8, participate in FLEXZONE with coaches from the LEMO Foundation. These highly motivated, energetic teachers challenge students to be their best physically, mentally and socially.

Starting in 4th grade, students may choose to participate in school sports through the Peninsula Parish & Schools League. We offer Baseball and Volleyball in the Fall, Basketball and Cheer in the Winter, and Track & Field in the spring.


The Resource program is designed to help students achieve their full potential in the regular classroom. Two resource teachers with advanced Special Education credentials provide one-on-one and small group academic support to those students who need more help. In grades 1-5, small group instruction is focused on Reading and Language Arts while older students are coached one-on-one to be accountable for schoolwork and learn to self-advocate. Resource teachers work with parents and outside specialists to identify specific learning differences, and make recommendations to classroom teachers to accommodate or modify instruction to enable the success of each child.

Social-Emotional Learning

Students are taught to solve problems in a peaceful, respectful manner. A certified Marriage and Family Therapist is on site once per week. With parental permission, any student may meet with her to help sort out personal issues at no additional charge. Our counselor also coaches groups of students when difficulties arise within a peer group or to address inclusion and respect issues. OLMC uses the Second Step Social Emotional Learning Curriculum in grades TK-8 to help build a culture of connectedness and empower adolescents to succeed socially, manage their emotions, solve problems, and deal with peer pressure.


Grades PreSchool-4 experience the Spanish language and culture through direct instruction once a week for 30 minutes. The program introduces basic vocabulary, salutations and phrases using a multi-sensory approach to learning. Letter grades are not given in grades PreSchool-2.

In grades 5-8, Spanish is taught for 35 minutes twice per week. The upper grades have a more formal program. Books are used and students receive a letter grade. Students begin to speak, read and write Spanish. Native speakers are challenged to read and write more fluently. 7th and 8th grade students who qualify may participate in an Advanced Spanish class.


Technology is integrated into all subjects. To support the learning process, OLMC School houses a substantial collection of computing devices including iPads, Chromebooks and Apple laptop computers for student use. All learning spaces are equipped with interactive whiteboards connected to Apple TV, document readers and networked printers. The school is completely wireless with plenty of wifi access points. Students in grades 3-8 use Google Classroom to share document with teachers and peers.