Fall Fundraiser

2019 Fall Fundraiser

Dates TBA

Our participation as parents not only generates essential funds for the school, it is a terrific way to get involved. There are individual and class prizes for children in grades TK – 8! In 2018, we made over $35,000!

Participation in this fundraiser is required of families with children in grades TK – 8, who are asked to sell a minimum of $300 of products or opt-out of the fundraiser with a $190 donation. Families who have children only in Pre-School or Pre-K may participate if they wish, but cannot earn prizes.

Sell "Mixed Bag" and “Genevieve’s” items in person or online, and “American Publishers” magazine subscriptions online. It is easy to sell to families and friends via catalogue and online sales.

Our involvement as parents of the Mt. Carmel School Community will, as always, make this fundraiser a terrific success. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us.

Tracey Jackson (traceyj13@sbcglobal.net) & Jessica Pettis (pettismom@gmail.com), Fall Fundraiser Coordinators