Everyday Shopping Generates Profits

Scrip Order Form (updated 1/10/20)
List subject to change without notice.

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a fund raising program designed so that a percentage of your everyday purchases turn into cash contributions made directly to our school. This program provides an opportunity for businesses to give back to the community that supports them. Our school depends on this program as part of our annual operating budget.

The school purchases gift certificates and gift cards at a discounted price, and we earn the difference between the face value (your purchase price) and the negotiated price. Each retailer establishes what percentage of purchases it will contribute back to the school. Knowing how much each retailer contributes will help you make more informed shopping choices. Some retailers will contribute back as much as 15%, others as low as 1%. It is clearly indicated on the Scrip Order Form and at exactly how much each retailer is currently contributing.

There are two ways in which you can participate in Scrip. One is to purchase gift certificates and gift cards at school and the second is to register with ShopWithScrip, the Benefit-Mobile app and/or eScrip (see below for details).

How do I buy Scrip?

Buy in Person

Scrip can be purchased every school day from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the school office and most Sundays after the 10:00 a.m. Mass.

Use an Order Form

Download an Order Form (above), fill it out and send it in to school with your child. Items on the front will be sent home the next Thursday (or that day if it comes in Thursday morning) and items on the second page, the following Thursday. If you can't print the form, write your order on a sheet of paper and send it in with your check.

Order Online

Go to and place an order. Orders for in-stock items received by 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning will be filled that Thursday. Orders for all other items will be delivered the following Thursday. See "How does ShopWithScrip Work?" below for schedule details, payment methods and instructions to create an account.

How does ShopWithScrip work?

ShopWithScrip is an online Scrip order system that allows you to pay by check at school, or immediately by linking your checking account to ShopWith Scrip's PrestoPay system.

It’s easy – order any day, any time and pay with PrestoPay or by sending a check with your order printout to school the next day. When you use PrestoPay, there is a nominal 15¢ transaction fee per order. New for 2019-20 - pay for your online order by credit card!

You will need our enrollment code to set up your account. Contact Mary McLinden by email or phone (366-1051) for the enrollment code. Click here to register and follow the prompts.

Online orders placed by 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning are filled just as if you had turned in a paper Order Form. In-stock items will be filled and sent home on Thursdays, while “Special Order” items (and there are a LOT more of them on the website than we have room to list on our form!) will come home the following Thursday. If you do not use PrestoPay, make sure you send a check the next morning, attached to a printout of the order. Unpaid orders will not be submitted until a check is received.

ShopWithScrip also offers ScripNow, Reload and ReloadNow options, where you can get your Scrip almost instantly if you use PrestoPay, their online payment process. They also offer MyScripWallet to use on your mobile device. Check out their website for details about how it all works. ScripNow is a great option for friends and family who live out of the area and Reload/ReloadNow is perfect for reloading cards that you have given to out of area college students or others. Send gas or grocery cards once (remember to register them) and reload them online rather than having to send new ones each time.

So what are Benefit-Mobile and eScrip?

Benefit Mobile App is an app from which you can purchase gift "cards", most of which can be redeemed right from your mobile device.

eScrip is a national program where you, your family members and friends register debit, credit cards and store loyalty cards at, designating “Our Lady of Mt Carmel School” as your organization. It is VERY secure. You are not required to give either your expiration dates or security codes. In addition to the grocery store program, they also have a dining program that features national chain restaurants as well as local favorites.

Every purchase you make at a participating eScrip or Benefit Mobile retailer is automatically calculated and credited to your eScrip or Benefit account and then to the school.

Friends and Family can help by signing up for eScrip and/or Benefit Mobile and choosing OLMC as the beneficiary – you earn the credit. You will need to complete the eScrip Family & Friends form and return it to the school office in order to receive the credit from both programs. Family and friends are also welcome to come into the office and purchase scrip in your name.

Scrip Share

At the end of the school year, if you have exceeded your net profit commitment to the school of $250.00, the excess amount is split 50/50 with the school. You can choose to have your portion credited to your tuition for the following school year, or you can designate your portion to be donated to a fund of your choice (e.g. Endowment, Tuition Assistance, Technology, Library, etc.).

Scrip Myth

I am signed up with Benefit Mobile and/or eScrip , so I don’t need to buy ShopWithScrip gift cards/certificates.

Benefit Mobile and/or eScrip alone will, most likely, not get you to your commitment. Why? Because the rebate back to the school from both Benefit Mobile and eScrip is sometimes slightly lower than with ShopWithScrip gift cards/certificates.

Moral of the story?

Use some combination of all - make purchases through ShopWithScrip, Benefit Mobile and eScrip, as well as buying gift cards/certificates at school. We have lots of inventory in stock for all your favorite places, and Special Orders are placed every Monday, and sent home the following Thursday. Make buying Scrip a habit. Purchase just your gas and grocery needs each week and you will easily meet your commitment, and might even go over and qualify for a rebate at the end of the school year!