Tuition Assistance

Donate to the OLMC Tuition Assistance Fund

Our Tuition Assistance Fund provides financial support to families who are faced with economic challenges. This Fund helps families begin their child's Catholic education or keep their child or children enrolled at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School. Families must apply annually for financial support with funds being allocated based on need. The program provides a portion of the annual tuition costs; no family is awarded 100% assistance. Over the past ten years, the school has allocated nearly $850,000 in tuition assistance and this is in large part because of the many gifts received from our donors. The generosity and outpouring of our parents, alumni, alumni parents, parishioners and friends is truly a blessing

Changing Lives

These donations over the past ten years have allowed the school to increase the amount of assistance awarded annually as well as increase the number of families receiving tuition support. The need, as you might imagine, in this time and area, is greater than the financial resources available and the school is never able to support all families requesting aid. The school continues to seek funding for tuition assistance from outside sources and it has always been the goal of the administration and finance committee to rely less on the school's operating budget and more on donations, bequests and grant dollars to fund tuition needs.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the school has earmarked $100,000 in tuition assistance dollars. 25,000 of this total will come from the school’s operating budget and $75,000 from donations to Tuition Assistance programs. All donations are gifts that truly change families' lives. Blessings, prayers and gratitude for helping families.