Annual Fund

In 2014/15, the cost to educate each student will be about 15 percent greater than the funds generated by tuition. At the same time, our tuition assistance program will provide more than $95,000 in support to families with financial need. Your gifts enable us to build on the successes we have already achieved.

Each year the Development Office determines which programs or areas have the greatest need and asks our constituents for support. Usually these gifts are deductible for federal and California income tax purposes. However, limitations may apply and you should consult with your tax advisor.

Our annual campaign takes place each fall as a direct mail appeal to our school families, alumni and parishioners.

Each year the Principal will make a recommendation to the Development Office for the programs she would like to make an appeal for. Of course, a gift to any program at any time is welcome and accepted.

For further details, please contact the Development Office.

Annual Report Archive

The purpose of an annual report is to help demonstrate our accomplishments to current and future donors, cultivate new partnerships, and acknowledge our donors. Annual Reports are sent out to donors only.