Fall Fundraiser

2017 Fall Fundraiser

Our participation as parents not only generates essential funds for the school, it is a terrific way to get involved.  There are many prizes for children in grades TK – 8, including field trips and top seller prizes! In 2016, we made over $33,000!  2017 Prize List

Participation in this fundraiser is required of families with children in grades TK – 8. Families who have children only in Pre-School or Pre-K may participate if they wish, but cannot earn any prizes. 2017 Prize Winners - coming soon!

1. Candy Sale - Pre-order an initial quantity which you can reasonably sell; pick it up after school on August 29th, and then sell to your heart’s content! Be creative in finding ways to sell: door-to-door, a favorite soccer or sporting event, other public spaces, etc. We have reserved weekend selling times in front of the major local markets, and after church masses, so if you’d like to sell at one or all of these locations, you must reserve a space in advance at our online sign-up site (waiting for 2017 link). Through September 22nd, turn in your sales money frequently, to ensure your child is eligible for the weekly Children’s Drawing (fill out a coupon for every $120 turned in). Once you have sold your initial supply of candy, and turned in the money due, you can sign out more candy every day after school – Mondays from 12:50 – 1:15 p.m. and on Thursdays & Fridays from 2:45 – 3:15 p.m. in the Rotunda outside the School Office. Selling price for individual candy bars is $2. Your child must be dressed in school uniform while selling candy, and be under adult supervision at all times.

2. Catalogue/Magazine Sales, including online -Sell “Genevieve’s” items in person or online, and/or “American Publishers” magazine subscriptions online. It is easy to sell to families and friends via catalogue and online sales. For the Children’s Drawing, let us know each time you reach $120 of catalogue/online sales by turning in a coupon. A note about selling online – for online catalogue sales to those out-of-area, first log on to www.genevieves.com, use our Account #/School ID - 12751 and the school name to register. Click on “Parents” to register yourself as a seller, then send emails to potential customers, directing them to our online fundraiser; for magazine subscriptions, go to www.apmags.com, use our Access Code – OLMC-RC, and follow the same process as above.

Our involvement as parents of the Mt. Carmel School Community will, as always, make this fundraiser a terrific success. We are always looking for new selling locations. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us.

Tracey Jackson (traceyj13@sbcglobal.net) & Jessica Pettis (pettismom@gmail.com), Fall Fundraiser Coordinators